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Rich's Micro Roast Coffee

Locally Roasted Coffee. Roasted DAILY!

      NEVER bitter Always Fresh!

Rich's Micro Roast Coffee

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   My fiancé and I ran into you when we were trying to decide what coffee to get since we had run out at home ( at the Cherry Hill WF). You went over the different types you offered and we decided to go with the Morning Roast, we just wanted to let you know its AMAZING! No bitter taste, smooth great flavor, best coffee we've gotten at whole foods! We're so glad we ran into you! Thanks for your advice, we will definitely continue to be your customer! 
                                                 Thanks again and enjoy your day  -Lauren
Thank you Lauren. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Wow Rich! The Night Owl Blend is a great mix of flavors. From chocolate     to licorice. Thanks again! Well done! - Paul
                                                                             Thank you Paul. 

Love the Colombian coffee with my special French toast, the perfect mix!

Thank You Ann!  I know you have a GREAT French Toast recipe. Please share it.

       When are you scheduled to return to Whole Foods in Cherry Hill Love your coffee. --- Have only tried Night Owl Blend -it is GREAT Thanks!!
                                                                              - Sunny
Thank you Sunny. That Night Owl Blend is a favorite. See you at Whole Foods.
   I am a coffee snob and a home roaster. I just came home to find Rich's micro roast morning roast and Colombian blend smelling up the kitchen at my parent's house. I made a cup right away and am so pleased! The quality of the beans and roast level is perfect. I can't wait to wake up to another few cups tomorrow morning! Cheers!
                                                                               - Andrew
Thank you Andrew. We're happy to hear you are pleased with the Coffee.

       My day starts off with coffee and I drink it throughout the day. My husband and I purchased Rich's Morning Roast. It is truly the best organic coffee I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Can't wait to try your other blends.                 
Thank You Pattie!!  We're happy you enjoy my coffee all day. 

       I must rave about the Cappuccino coffee. I have never been a coffee drinker but I wanted a change from tea and this coffee is DELICIOUS! I have been drinking it every day since I received it and I must say Rich, it's great. Haven't opened my other bag yet but will let you know when I do. 
This coffee is  5 stars
                                                                                                - Christie 
Thank You Christie!! I guess I've converted a TEA drinker. LOL

This stuff is the REAL DEAL folks! Rich's coffee is truly exceptional, and my first order is only be the first of many to come! Now, if you want to make some GREAT iced coffee, here's my recipe suggestion: blend half Rich's Cappuccino roast with half Caramel Corn, brew, combine, chill in the 'fridge overnight, and PRESTO, a world-class cool summer breakfast drink that will definitely enjoy get your morning started in a great way, take my word for it! Keep up the great work Rich!

                                                                                                     - Steve 

Thank you Steve! Great recipe. We will share it on the site.